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Movement Mindfulness and Muse

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TMA 31 Workshops

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Do you have a big performance or presentation coming up that you'd like to prepare for? Do you need some inspiration to feel better in your own skin? Do you just need to move after the winter months are over? Come get centered, inspired and experience Movement, Mindfulness and Muse with Kelly in this 90 min class in which you'll move, stretch and gain better focus and perspective on life.

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1,5 hour Class


Sunday 10th March 2024


Salle du Quai, 1 Imp. de la Gare, 31820 Pibrac, France

Course Description

This hour and a half class will allow you to move your body in a safe and low impact way, stretching the body from head to toe and breathing life back into those limbs. And will teach you easy steps for gaining better focus, strategies for preparing for a performance, and ways to move to get into character for your next big show. Plus, it’ll just be fun to get together and move and laugh. This is for all levels of movers. No experience is needed. Bring a mat, if you have one, a water bottle, and come ready to shed some stress and have some fun!

Connect breath and body to awaken your awareness with mindfulness, looking at the inner self and how we feel and attach meaning to parts of our bodies.

Get in touch with your somatics (the way your body moves and feels) and release tension to free up movement that was previously stuck. You will gain a wider range of motion and move with a greater range of mobility, opening up new possibilities for movement and enhancing your character development and movement styles.

  • Get in touch with your body.

  • Release tension.

  • Move with freedom the way your body wants to move.

  • Explore diverse movement qualities (like fast, slow, soft, fluid, sharp) and how you like to move best. 

  • Discover new ways of moving that will challenge you and give a new perspective on your movement.


Kelly Winn is a professional dancer, teacher, and performer and has been doing so for over 25 years. Kelly has taught dance at universities, public and private schools, dance studios, choreographed for many theatre performances and before moving to France was the Artistic Director of a local dance studio in Ohio, USA. She has danced professionally with Enoch Contemporary Dance Company in Tennessee, The Works Dance Company in NYC, and Living Fountain Dance Company in Ohio. She is the founder of Reverence Creative Arts, an arts company focused on teaching the next generation of students how to use their gifts to share with the world. Her most recent interest in dance is learning how movement and dance can help people heal from trauma, and she is currently working on her Phd in Expressive Arts Therapy. Kelly currently lives in Toulouse with her husband and youngest daughter.

Who's Involved?

Kelly Winn

Course Presenter



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