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This lively and active association was launched at the Pibrac Forum des Association in 2009. The association TMA 31 was created with the aim of taking English into the community, providing opportunities for members of all levels and cultures to perform music and theater in English. 


About Us

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What People Say About Us

So glad we found TMA 31 - our family have enjoyed ‘having a go’ at different activities - acting, singing, comedy, musicals, improvisation workshops and helping backstage. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to try new things; we have met lots of new people, made great friends and had a lot of laughs along the way.

Elaine Long

Being part of TMA 31 has enabled to cultivate my love for music and theatre by participating in shows such as Oliver! or The Sound of Music. I was able to sing and act on a regular basis with like-minded people and I keep many happy memories of my time with the association.

Mathilde Clery-Fox

Joining TMA 31 was probably the best decision I could have made upon moving to Toulouse, it not only gave me an opportunity to belt my heart out on stage and enjoy the thrill of performing, but it also opened me up to meeting new, like minded people, who quickly became my first (and best) friends since moving to France.'

Lorna Dale

Being part of TMA 31 has helped me fulfil a dream of being on stage in a musical, and also of co-directing a show. I have learnt so much, and had lots of fun. It has also been great to see others grow in confidence and skill. I can't wait for the next production!!

Sam Silverthorn

Being a member of such a fantastic group of people of all ages and backgrounds brought me joy and built my confidence. I was a novice on stage and suddenly I was acting, dancing and singing! It was all about being yourself but with guidance and making it fun. I love it! 

Kosta Fostiadis

Joining TMA 31 brought me a confidence I never knew I had. Prior to this experience I had never sung or acted on stage or off stage! I made many friends, discovered a joy for singing that I had previously not explored and now have many years of fun and laughter to look back on! I can't wait to see what is in store next! 

Lucy Fotiadis

Thank you TMA 31 for the opportunity. Who would have thought that I would get the chance to sing and dance (me !!) on such a big stage. No way !!! It just goes to show that “Have a go.” works.

Jeremy Silverthorn

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Our Story

The TMA 31 story explains so much about why and how we work. An association founded in giving people a go on and off stage. With a rich history and array of high quality performances. 

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Meet Our

The committee works hard behind the scenes to ensure the administration and finances of the association are in good shape, thus protecting the association and helping it to thrive. In addition, we make sure the legal obligations are fulfilled as required of the association.


Supplementary to the committee, however, is a board which consists of the committee and all current activity leaders. This group is responsible for project planning and funding or scholarship approvals. Applications for consideration are received twice yearly.


The current board is working together to create many new projects and benefits for TMA 31 members. We will continue to support a number of larger projects but also several shorter workshops on a variety of theatre or music based subjects and aim to provide more frequent and varied performance opportunities for our members.

Eve Hirsch
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