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Insurance Summary

MACIF insurance for members and volunteers of TMA 31

MULTI-GUARANTEE FOR SOCIAL ACTIVITIES Association covering insurance of activities and goods for: Theatre Music Action 31

All members and volunteers are insured. Association Guarantees (la protection de l'association) Non- sports

General Civil Liability for accidental injury or damage caused to a third person during the following activities:
  • General functioning, organisation and running of association activities

  • Festivities organised

  • Furniture, goods, equipment & facilities used during activities

  • Animals owned or looked after by the association

  • The action of members or volunteers carried out in the course of their duties

  • Staff provided by the State for any event

  • Sale of drinks and various products

Civil Liability for Corporate Officers
  • In the event of administrative errors


Custodian Liability
  • For goods entrusted or rented to insured for less than 180 days


Personal Guarantees (la Protection des Personnes) 
  • Invalidity - according to level of invalidity

  • Death & funeral costs 6,400€ per adult and 1,600€ per child.

  • Reimbursement of funeral costs: max 1,600€

  • Medical costs up to 500€, of which 80€ for optical needs

  • Loss of salary/revenue: 365 days limit with indemnity according to salary & activity


For a copy of the full insurance policy please contact the committee

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