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Enrol Me in a TMA 31 Project /Workshop

We're so excited that you're about to join one of our projects! You can enrol easily by completing this online form and your enrolment will be confirmed by us upon receipt of your course fee (subject to availability).
To participate, in projects and multi-day workshops, you will first need to become a subscribed association member. It is, however, possible to participate in single day workshops as a non-member but in this case at a non-members rate.
Details on refunds and conditions of participation or membership you can find in our internal regulations.


Being part of TMA has enabled to cultivate my love for music and theatre by participating in shows such as Oliver! or The Sound of Music. I was able to sing and act on a regular basis with like-minded people and I keep many happy memories of my time with the association.

- Mathilde Clery-Fox
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Are you Already a TMA 31 Member?

Are you already a TMA 31 Member?

Before enrolling in a project or multi-date workshop you must be a subscribed member of the TMA 31 association for the year in which your activity runs. The subscription period runs from September to August. If you have been a member in the past but your membership has lapsed you will need to renew your subscription for the current year.

How Can We Contact You?

We will use this information to contact you throughout the application process or during the course of a project or workshop.


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How Can We Contact You

Participant Details

Please provide the following details of the participant wishing to enrol. 

If you are applying on behalf of a child, please make sure to check the, "This Participant is a Minor" box. 


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