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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to have experience?
    The motto of our association is "Come along and have a go!" and we actively encourage participation from members who are trying a skill out for the first time. Some of our members have considerable experience in their fields but others are stepping onto the stage or participating behind the scenes for the very first time.
  • Is there an age limit for participants?
    There are no age limits for members we have projects for all ages. Certain projects, however, may have a specified age range or some roles may only be appropriate for certain aged performers.
  • Can people with disabilities participate?
    We are an inclusive association and encourage participation from members with disabilities. If this applies to you please talk to the activity leader about your special needs prior to the commencement of a project.
  • Where are rehearsals held?
    We are a Pibrac based association and most rehearsals and performances are conducted, with the support of the Mairie de Pibrac, in rooms in Pibrac. On some occasions rehearsals may be held in surrounding areas owing to special rehearsal requirements or lack of available rehearsal space in public buildings or outdoor spaces in Pibrac.
  • Can I do a trial session before joining?
    The first session of a project is considered a trial lesson. You may withdraw at this point in writing up until the day before the 2nd session and a full refund will be granted. After the 2nd sessions there are no refunds. Workshops being of a shorter duration do not operate with trial lessons.
  • Are course fees refundable?
    Up to the 2nd session of the project you may withdraw from the project. After the 2nd session there are no refunds. Workshops, however, which are of a short duration there are no refunds. Exceptional refunds may be granted with application in writing to the committee.
  • What are the costs involved to participate?
    Members will need to pay a yearly subscription and for most projects course fees will be applicable. Project fees are calculated depending on the length of course and costs involved.
  • When are course fees payable?
    Course fees (where required) are due prior to commencement of the course. Exceptions or reductions in fees can be applied for in writing under exceptional circumstances addressed to the committee. Course fees are payable through the TMA 31 website.
  • What are the benefits of my yearly subscription?
    You will be eligible to apply for all projects supported by TMA 31. In addition to stage productions, we also plan to run numerous workshops over the coming months. Members can apply for training scholarships in areas relating to theatre and music in English which will support our association. Subscribed members will be given prior notification of new projects before they are advertised publicly. All members can apply to become activity leaders and produce their own projects.
  • How do I enrol?
    Enrolments run through the website. You may be required to audition for some projects and others may have limited participant numbers at the discretion of the activity leader. The activity leader will provide you with details and confirmation of your place on a project. Enrolments will not be considered confirmed until your course fee has been paid (if required).
  • Why do I have to pay a subscription to be a member?
    Associations require participants to be subscribed members and in TMA 31's case our third party liability insurance only covers subscribed members. This fee is small; 15€ per year per person or 25€ per family. The subscription is payable through the website and will be automatically renewed each year. One month prior to renewal each year an email will be sent to inform you of the upcoming renewal with a link to simply opt for unsubscription should you prefer.
  • What is the difference between membership subscription and participation fees
    A course fee, where applicable is valid for the period of one single project or workshop and covers participation costs. If you enrol for more than one project or workshop you will be charged for each additional enrolment. The subscription membership fee is separate to course fees and runs from September to August each year. This subscription is compulsory for all wishing to participate in projects or multi-day workshops and is a renewable one off payment per year.
  • Can I participate in a single date workshop without paying a yearly subscription
    For short workshops which take place on a single date it is possible to participate without becoming a year long member. In this case you will pay a slightly higher participation fee which also includes temporary subscription to the association for the day of the workshop.
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