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Magic Workshop
by Ben Zuddhist

A TMA 31 Workshop

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UPCOMING October 2021

Come and

Have A Go!

This full-day workshop is aimed at teenagers
11-17 years of age.
There are a maximum of 15 places. 

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Course Description

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This full-day workshop for teenagers 11- 17 years of age aims to encourage enthusiasm for magic and to teach the fundamental basics. Magic can entertain, create a moment of wonder and help promote a positive life attitude. It also helps engender confidence and connection. 

Course Content

Live Performance by Ben Zuddhist


Ben will create wonder and mystery by beginning the workshop with a 20 minute magic show, which demonstrates the principals that the children will subsequently learn during the workshop.

Introduction to Basic Principals of Magic 


  1. The difference between technique and gimmicks.

  2. Technique we can (and will!) learn.

  3. Gimmicks can help us to give the illusion of magic. We will explore and play with some gimmicks, learn how they work, and have fun with them.

  4. A rapid movement can hide a slower movement.

  5. Misdirection.

  6. The difference between stage magic, parlour magic, close-up magic.

  7. Presentation - very important - story telling, comedy, character, how our close-up or show is directed. 

  8. Card magic - we will learn the fundamental basics of card magic, i.e. the building blocks of card magic, and then go on to learn some simple but very effective card tricks. 

  9. Coin magic - again we will learn the basics, the false transfer, the French drop et cetera, and will learn a small routine. 

  10. The Chop cup - Ben will perform a small routine of the chop cup which is a version of the classic ‘cups and balls’ magic trick (the oldest magic trick in the world!). Within this routine lie all the most fundamental principals of magic and is a brilliant method of conveying the principals of magic. 



Saturday, October 23rd 2021

 09:30 -16:30 


50€ per participant


Salle des Aînés

About Ben

Ben Zuddhist is a street and cabaret artist, magician and musician. He started to learn magic when I was 15 years old and now performs magic shows (duo and solo), and close-up magic. He studied improvisation/clowning /comedy and circus skills with, amongst others, Phillipe Gaulier, Gerry Flanagan, Franki Anderson, Kevin Brooking, Keith Johnstone, Micheline Vandepoel and Carina Bonan. 

In 1998 he created his show " LE FUNAMBULE STRIPTEASE". In 2002 with Saskia Thijs he founded the company Miaow Productions. They then purchased a London Double Decker bus and converted it into a mobile theater space. In the Busanova Theatre he performed as Arnold Smith with the "HOUSEHOLD MAGIC SHOW". He created "VERSILLI AND THE SMALLEST ANIMAL CIRCUS IN THE WORLD" in 2006.  With Manoe Frateur he created the street theatre show "ABU AND HABIB" in 2007. In 2008 after studying magic with Jacques Thijs he created "BENNY FORMAGGIO THE SICILIAN MAGICIAN". In 2010 with Saskia Thijs he created the freak theatre show "THE FENOMENARIUM"

In 2011 Ben moved to the foothills of the Pyrenees in southern France and co-founded "LA GRANGETTE" café associative / music performance venue in the village of Montbrun Bocage. He started to work as a corporate / wedding magician whilst taking a semi sabatical from street theatre performance. In 2015 he reworked his show "VERSILLI AND THE SMALLEST ANIMAL CIRCUS IN THE WORLD" into an hour long theatre show, whilst still playing it in the street theatre environment. SInce 2014 he has regularly hosted cabaret evenings at La Grangette. 

Ben speaks English, French, Dutch, and some Spanish. His performance style is personable and down to earth, meaning that he can create connections with people from all walks of life whether performing in front of a crowd of hundreds or in a close-up magic situation

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Ben Zuddhist

Activity Leader

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