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Imagination Superheros 

La Bulle Carrée & Toulouse Comedy Players

A TMA 31 Workshop

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UPCOMING March 2022

Come and

Have A Go!

This fun 2 hour workshop is aimed at children from 8 - 11 years of age.
No experience is necessary.
The course is fully booked but please contact us to be put on the waiting list

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Course Description

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2 Hour Introduction to Improvisation for 8-11 year olds

How do we create a story together in the moment and without writing it down beforehand? We let our imagination run wild!

However, a whole story needs to be built carefully from start to finish and we can't just rely on ourselves. We need to work as a team; learning to listen to others and appreciate their ideas as they too listen to and appreciate ours. 

Through this fun and entertaining workshop, your child will learn an important lesson: "alone we may go faster however together we go further!"


Learning, through play, to let to go and co-operate will help your child to understand what makes improvisers imagination superheroes!


Your children already have superpowers; it is just a question of teaching them how to best use them.

La Bulle Carrée

La Bulle Carrée is a Toulouse-based improvisation theatre company which has been in existence since 2007 and which offers workshops and theatre experiences in both English and French with schools, associations and individuals. Their aim is to motivate and encourage all ages in the joys of improvisation whilst developing interpersonal skills both individually and in group situations.



14:30 - 16:30

Sunday, 27th March, 2022


20€ per participant


Salle du Quai

About Fanny

Fanny Sentenac was enrolled in theatre at a very young age by her parents because she was "exuberant"… she hated it! It didn't suit her spontaneous personality to memorise and recite text or play characters from a pre-written script with whom she had no affinity.

One day, at the age of 23, she was heading off to see what she thought was musical improvisation when, in fact, it was theatrical improvisation. It was a revelation! Get on stage, create a story with the help of others… the theme, the scenery, the scripts and the stories. 


Fanny subsequently joined "La Brique de Toulouse", then in 2007 "La Bulle Carrée" where she got involved both on stage and backstage. From the outset in 2006, there were very few female improvisation actors and Fanny embraced this new activity with a fierce passion.

As a communications teacher, comedienne and events project manager with La Bulle Carrée, Fanny also gives professional business training courses using theatrical improvisation methods. In 2017, she widened her repertoire to include adults and teenagers, particularly within school settings.


Fanny Sentenac

Activity Leader

Got A Question?

We'd be happy to answer any questions from finding out more about this project, asking about payments to learning about our association! Feel free to use the links below to write to us and we will try and get back to you as soon as possible!

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