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Comedy Players

About this Activity Group

The idea for "Toulouse Comedy Players"  (TCP) was conceived in 2011 and, having been invited to join TMA 31, the group first performed in 2012 at the TMA 31 Christmas show and in 2013/2014 at the end-of-year TMA 31 charity shows. With the help of TMP (Théâtre Musicale de Pibrac) and an initiative of the Mairie de Pibrac supporting new theatre groups, our café-theatre performances were launched, giving us a springboard into our annual May performances. The main objective of TCP is to discover and play different types of comedy. Whilst our Spring production is the group's main focus, we are happy to spread the fun whenever we are invited to perform. Principally an adult group, we do encourage youngsters to come along and help out during performances.

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Our Projects

Stella's / Round the Bend | (2014)
The Affairs at Meddler's Top | 2016
Panadamonium & The Spy who came in for the phone | 2018
The Mousetrap | 2020
10 Comedy Capers | 2015

What We're Currently Doing

Looking for new project submissions

Looking for a new leader

Comedy | Performance

Toulouse Comedy Players
That's Life !! | 2017
A Butler Did It ! | 2019

Interested in Joining?

Being part of the Toulouse Comedy Players involves commitment, performing on a small stage and lots of fun!  We endeavour to give every opportunity to those who wish to be on stage, with script choices usually being linked to the number of budding actors.   Principally an adult group, the producer has the discretion to allow under 18's depending on the roles/help required. TCP projects do no require the payment of a course fee.

Who's Involved?

Could this be you? TMA 31 is looking for a new activity leader.

Activity Leader

Got A Question?

We'd be happy to answer any questions from finding out more about our activity, asking about payments to learning about our association! Feel free to use the links below to write to us and we will try and get back to you as soon as possible!

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