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New Twist In Toulouse

About this Activity Group

New Twist in Toulouse is a large group producing high-quality musical theatre productions. Formed in 2015 by Kathy Southwell and Sandra Goodwell, the group had a great success with their first production of «Oliver!». After this followed a «Best of British», a variety show, «Musical Twists», a musical theatre workshop and «The Sound of Music». The group has members of all ages from 8 years of age both on stage and behind the scenes New Twist has taken a break over the last couple of years but is delighted to be able to plan the next project "Lucky Stiff" which will kick off in November of 2021.

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Our Projects

Lucky Stiff | 2022
The Sound of Music | 2018
Best of British | 2016
Oliver! | 2015

What We're Currently Doing

Lucky Stiff

PAST May 2022

15+| Musical Theatre

New Twist in Toulouse

Interested in Joining?

New Twist is for participant from 8+ of all experiences and backgrounds. We look for people to participate both on and off stage for our projects. Participation requirements may vary from project to project. Check out our latest project for current requirements.

Who's Involved?

Kathy Southwell

Activity Leader

Eve Hirsch

Activity Leader
Vocal Coach

Got A Question?

We'd be happy to answer any questions from finding out more about our activity, asking about payments to learning about our association! Feel free to use the links below to write to us and we will try and get back to you as soon as possible!

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