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Un Two Trois Improv

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TMA 31/Scaramouche Workshop

Participation Fee

15,00€ Members
20,00€ Non-members

Do you love improvisation or theatre? Do you want to have fun and let your hair down? Would you like to have an exchange with people from other cultures, thereby gaining a greater understanding and losing the fear of language and cultural barriers? Would you like to make new friends? Then this workshop is for you!

Through fun and at times hilarious bilingual improvisation games you will improve your theatre skills, cultural understanding and lose your fear of coming in contact with a foreign language all at the same time. "Come and Have a Go - Venez et essayez"

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2 hour Class


Sunday 16th March 2024


Salle d'Aînés, 6 Bd des Écoles, 31820 Pibrac

Course Description

This 2 hour workshop, jointly presented by Michael Bejani (TMA 31) and Cathy Marchal (Scaramouche), is aimed at participants of all levels of experience who want to try improvisational comedy for a first time or improve their existing skills through games and engaging but simple exercises. The workshop will be presented in both French and English with presenters  translating between English and French as needed.

It is not necessary for participants to speak both languages with the aim of this workshop, in addition to having fun and experimenting with theatre, also being to help create understanding between different cultures, to break down barriers and to help participants become more comfortable in an environment where they don't speak the language.

  • Learn the fundamentals of improv through games

  • Build scenes together

  • Become a better team player

  • Let go and have fun!

Michael Bejani started doing plays when he was 6 years old continuing on through school to gain an A-Level certification in drama & theatre. He has performed in many plays and studied, set design, script writing and method acting. During his university studies he continued to pursue his love for theatre and enrolled in an Improv school. As his experience grew over the years, he moved up the ranks and was eventually invited to be on the ‘House-Team’, which is the highest level of Improv theatre and regarded as ‘amateur-professional level’ theatre as audiences pay to come and see you perform.

Michael's approach to theatre is EMM (Effort Matters Most). He believes in committing fully to your role (no matter how silly or temporary) and helping others on stage do the same. The most important thing is having fun! Improvisation is about letting go, silliness and shenanigans and Michael believes that theatre can teach us not only about acting but also important life skills such as outside the box thinking, self confidence, letting go of control, team work and being present in the moment.

Cathy Marchal is a french experienced comedian “Maison Darline fils et bobine, “La guerre des mères”, “Le dernier cèdre du Liban »- and drama teacher for kids and adults at Scaramouche in Pibrac. She also puts on shows for school children “Molière et les femmes !”, accompanies teachers and directs shows, teaches communication using the tools of theater at IUT and TBS and offers Forum Theater workshops in schools and companies.

Who's Involved?

Michael Bejani

Course Presenter
TMA 31

Cathy Marchal

Course Presenter


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We'd be happy to answer any questions from finding out more about this project, asking about payments to learning about our association! Feel free to use the links below to write to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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